A Quick Word About Endometriosis

It's pretty awful to have Endometriosis. It helps so much to have your family and doctors support you, guide you, and be on your side. There is no cure and finding medications and techniques that help with the pain is often quite difficult. It effects every single aspect of your life.  It's really easy to get frustrated and lose hope. DON'T LOSE HOPE!  I would like every girl who wears one of my bracelets to remember to never lose hope every time she looks at it. I would also like every person who sees a bracelet on someone's wrist to be made aware of Endometriosis and just how difficult it really is to have Endometriosis and all the other things that come along with it.

                     The Bracelets

     Each Bracelet is handmade by me especially for you! Every bracelet is unique as they are all a little different.They are made with a variety of yellow, clear, white, and crystal beads along with a ribbon charm and toggle clasp.These bracelets are lightweight but make a statement! There are more examples of the bracelets in the Photo Gallery. 

 You will receive your bracelet FREE of charge but please pay a shipping and handling fee of $5.00.  I hope these bracelets brighten someone's day and help raise awareness for this disease.


Please feel free to tell me your story about your experience with Endometriosis by using the Guest Book. I  am very interested to know how you are doing and what may or may not be helping you. Please share your stories with me and other readers. We can get through this together. Also let me know how you like your bracelet once you receive it!  I hope you love it.